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Tahir Ahmad is a Registered Herbalist and has 40 years experience in medical field. He is doing research on Natural Herbs vs conventional Medicine. Tahir Ahmad is practicing  in Canada (Toronto).  He provides treatment for different ailments such as back and leg pain, high cholesterol, hypertension, psoriasis and allergies, headache, migraine.

Due to his research Health Canada has approved his 74 Formulas and granted him License for Manufacturing .

He is holding highest qualification in Natural medicine. He is the former President of Toronto College of Natural medicine, Former Voice president of Ontario Herbalist Association, Former Director of Med Cham health care Provider it was the one of the largest lab in Canada. He has more than 10,000 active files in his office. patients comes his office from all over the world. We have discontinued Acupuncture Services.


                                                                                                    Member Herbalist Association of Canada      
                                                                                          Canadian Academy of  Traditional Health Sciences
                                                                                                      Universal Medical College (Pakistan)
                                                                                                      Toronto  College of Natural Medicine     

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